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Moving homes can be incredibly difficult and stressful. To ensure you keep on top of things, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Check removal costs

Sometime you can probably manage to drive all your stuff over but in times when you can it will be sensible to enlist the services of a moving company. You can search and compare quotes from great companies such as Reallymoving whom of course are members of British association of removers

Redirect post from your old house

You can use the Royal Mail's Postal Redirection Service to ensure that any bills or other mail you've not changed your address on still reaches you so this avoids you missing payments and damaging your credit score.

Register to vote

Don't forget to register to vote at your new address as this might affect your credit score and also affect your ability to gain credit (Mortgage included) in the future if the address on your documents don’t match the address on the voting register.

Check your council tax and challenge it if necessary

It is highly likely you are in the wrong tax band. In this case you will get a backdated payout and a lower tax band. Check if neighbours in identical or similar properties are in lower bands, via the Valuation Office Agency or Scottish Assessors Association.

Plug all your household costs into a monitoring, management and switching service

This will allow you to always get the best prices and save money whenever you possibly can.Don't just stick with the current supplier of the previous owners!

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