Can you buy your council house while on benefit?

Yes, you can buy your council house whilst on benefit but depending on the way in which you buy it you may no longer be eligible for housing benefits as you are now a homeowner.

For example, if you buy your house through the right to buy scheme, the right to acquire scheme or the preserved right to buy scheme you may still be eligible for housing benefits as you still have a council or social landlord but you should check and confirm this with your local authority.

If you’re on housing benefit to help pay your rent, you will usually lose your housing benefit if you were an owner-occupier. Income support might be possible, but it would take 39 weeks to come through.

Can you get a mortgage if you are on benefits?

Yes, you can get a mortgage whilst on benefits but it may affect your eligibility for some benefits but especially housing benefits.

You will still be eligible for the support for mortgage interest benefit (which helps pay the interest portion of your mortgage repayments) as a homeowner if you are :

Be currently unemployed or at the stage where you qualify for a UK state pension and either;

John Bate

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