Huuti. Property Ladder Affordability

The only personal finance assistant for prospective first time buyers

Huuti Mortgage affordability app for first time buyers

Getting on the property ladder doesn't have to be
rocket science.

We'll help you save a deposit

By looking at your property target and showing you how much you
need to save each month

property ladder affordability app

We'll get you mortgage ready

By looking at you from a lender's viewpoint and showing you what matters
to boost your affordability

Mortgage affordability app

A property with mates or a partner?

You can now track your progress together easier than ever before whilst keeping each other motivated.

first time buyer app

Once you've hit your property goal

We will show you products you can afford saving you time when you search
for a mortgage

Mortgage affordability app

Huuti in the UK

First time buyers across the country are getting Mortgage ready with Huuti.

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Commitment to privacy

we don't sell or rent your personal information

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